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My ead application got denied.can I reapply again

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My vawa case got approved on11/2013 and i485 is been proses.few months ago I applied for ead card.11/12/2013 uscis send a notice for request ing more evidence for ead,I haven't received that letter so I couldn't submit the case got denied.can I reapply for ead card

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Please have an experienced immigration lawyer review the RFE and the denial. I can think of a couple things that might be happening. Did you file the EAD concurrently with the adjustment based on adjustment pending, or did you file based on VAWA granted? If you filed based on VAWA granted, did you also file the I 765 W? I recommend you have a lawyer figure it out and try to salvage it before spending money to refile and possibly end up in the same place

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I agree with attorney Marcoullier's excellent analysis. You would be well-advised to contact an immigration attorney for a detailed analysis. It seems as if you simply sent out the EAD application too early, i.e. before an underlying application granting you employment authorization has been approved or was readily approvable.

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Your EAD may have been denied because the time has passed for submitting more evidence. However, you should have submitted your 765 with the rest of your vawa forms. To reapply will mean another filing fee. To protect your rights and to avoid further delay, consult an immigration attorney.