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My DUI was dismissed without prejudice. I got my license back, but my license is still suspended. Why is this?

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After my dui was dismissed without prejudice and when i received my license back, I started driving. I bought a car, got car insurance and everything was fine. But after 3-5 months my insurance company called and said that my license is still suspended on the government website and they can no longer give me insurance. They said that I need to go to or call the district court (on Alakea street) and ask for the paper that states proof of lifting the suspension on my drivers license. I don't think I should do that because they may serve me my papers for the DUI (since it was dismissed without prejudice). I'm unsure if I should call the DMV or ADLRO. What should I do?

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I would call the DMV, I often had clients with these sorts of issues and they can tell you exactly what the issue is and what you need to do to resolve it. In the mean time I would also look for any paperwork from ADLRO which might explain what the revocation is for.





What you don't realize is that there are actually TWO separate processes going on when you received your DUI. The first is a CRIMINAL action which is handled through the Court system. The second is an ADMINISTRATIVE action which is handled through the Motor Vehicle Department. Driving under the influence is both a criminal matter for which you can be prosecuted and a violation of your driving "privilege."

At the time of your arrest, your license was administratively suspended. You were advised in writing of that fact and your right to appeal that suspension. You have not followed through with the administrative process.

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thanks! for some reason i thought that my lawyer took care of the administrative stuff, but i guess he wasn't as helpful as you were when it comes to explaining things

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