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My duaghters fathers goin to jail. What do I need to get custody of my daughter back?

Mentor, OH |

My EX has full custody of my daughter and is about to go to jail for kidnapping and rape. I owe back child support which I was told can hurt me from getting her back. I was also told that he can end up still having full custody even behind bars. Im not working but my fiance is supporting me and our daughter (she's only 1). What can I do and need to do to get her back?

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Attorney Hoffman is correct. You need to seek an attorney and file a motion to modify the parenting based on a change in circumstances. You should act promptly rather than wait. You should bring to the consultation copies of the current custody order, the current child support order, anything on past due support as well as any documentation you can print off line on father's current situation. You should be ready to discuss the current custody order and why custody went to father, what your contact has been with your daughter and any possible issues that may be raised.

Good luck and get that consultation. It is well worth the information and guidance. I also recommend that you seriously consider having counsel represent you in the parenting action, especially if there are circumstances that negatively impact your being designated the residential parent and if Father has family that may step forward to try and gain custody.


You should retain an attorney and file for custody based on change of circumstances. Sometimes if someone with support arrearages files for custody it can look as though they are trying to avoid support but in your case your daughter needs a caregiver and your ex will not be able to do that from jail.

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