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My drivers license keeps getting suspended for non child support

Yucaipa, CA |

I haven't had to pay child support in 20 years yet my license keeps showing up as suspended when I get pulled over. I have had several cars taken away because they say I have a suspended license in which the state (Calif) actually sent me a check for over payment and 10 years later a release of lien whatever that means. I am so tired of having to explain over and over that my license shouldn't be suspended, yet when a police officer runs my license, once again they say it is suspended and they keep my license. One police officer took my I.D cause I had no drivers license, then wanted to know my social security number, my employer, home address that he wanted to write down on a separate piece of paper and kept my I.D. What should I do? I am at a loss and can't afford to buy anymore cars.

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This really doesn't make sense, you would be better off to sit down with an Attorney face to face with DMV documentation.

Providing general answers are meant to help the poster to understand some complex legal concepts and in no way creates an attorney-client relationship.


Good question for your attorney

The response above is not intended as legal advice. This response is for educational purposes only. I have not met with you and I am not knowledgeable about the specific details of your case. Each case is unique and different. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you contact and meet with a licensed criminal defense attorney to discuss your specific circumstances. In addition, an attorney-client relationship is not created by virtue of this response.


Call the dmv in Sacramento and ask them what the issue is.


Call Mandatory Actions Unit for DMV in Sacramento.


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