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My driver license was suspended and I did not challenge the DMV within 7 days what can I do now?

Duluth, MN |
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You have 30 days to challenge a license revocation. When did this happen?

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You have 30 days from the time of the notice of revocation to formally challenge the DL suspension. If you are still within that time frame, then it would be best to retain the services of an attorney to assist in this process.


You actually had 30 days to file a challenge to the revocation in civil court, but it sounds like you may be beyond that timeframe as well since your criminal case was already thrown out. Your only hope if you're beyond the 30-day deadline is to file an administrative review with the DMV, but those are very difficult to win because the DMV will just review the police reports. Contact one of us that practices DWI defense in Minnesota and we can assist you with determining what can be done.