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My dog has attacked a smaller neighbors dog. I am willing to pay all of the vet bill except for a few charges.

Shelbyville, KY |

Some of the charges reflect treatment for an ear infection. Owner went to the vet 6 days in a row, ear infection treatment was on the last bill/date. Bill total is 1186.45, I am going to offer 981.24. If check is cashed, is that acceptance of my offer? If she sues later, will I be liable the remaining total?

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Have her sign your release of liability in exchange for the payment. You shouldn't have to cover the ear infection unless it was caused by your pet.

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If you're going to ask the owner of the other dog to sign something already, you could consider adding a provision confirming that the amount offered (and presumably received) represents full and final satisfaction of all claims, known or unknown. Of course, check to local counsel re: relevant statutes or considerations.


Pay nothing without obtained a signed, full release in exchange for your payment.

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