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My dog got out of my yard and injured my neighbors dog, then my neighbor shot my dog and is now suing me,

Spring Hill, FL |

My yard is completely fenced and I have 3-5 feet of additional property past where my fence is, his dogs are always loose and have dug under my fence and broken my fence in the past, I do not know if his dog dug the hole or mine did,, his wife said that she saw my dog trying to get through a small hole, but didn't see a reason to call and tell me.. I have always had to bring my dogs in when he lets his out because they are always at my fence on my property harassing my dogs and they run free all the time.. he is claiming that he shot him once and the er vet said it was 3.. Also my house in in foreclosure and I am unemployed, the only money I receive is 800 a month from my x husband which I will only get for another 4 months. Is there anything I can do??? Oh he is also saying he injured his

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Do you have insurance on the property? If so, notify them and let them handle it. If you have been sued, you need to make sure you file an answer within 20 days of the service of the complaint. If it is a small claims case, you need to make sure to attend the pretrial. You should seek legal counsel.

The answers given are limited to the facts as given and presumed by the answer itself. Without seeing actual written documentation or having a conference to more fully explore the issues, this short answer has only limited application. Make sure to seek legal counsel and provide all documentation to get assistance in making informed legal choices., 305 377 1505


You need to speak with a local attorney. The Florida Bar can give you a referral:

If we do not have a signed fee agreement I am not your attorney and this is not legal advice.

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