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My dog bit some one what is my liability?

Washington, PA |

the person was coming to purchase an item from me, i specifically told him to drive to the road behind my house where my garage was located. he took it upon himself to come up my front steps off the main road. he walked past my beware of dog sign and approached my dogs chained up in the back yard behind my house. he walked up to the dog stuck his hand out and got bit. he stated he likes dogs and didnt think the dog would act negatively toward him. what am i liable for?

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Notify your homeowners insurance company immediately and let them worry about it.


You may have some liability depending upon the facts, however it may be offset as the individual may have assumed the risk of his injuries by ignoring the sign, potentially trespassing and approaching the dog when he was not invited to and had no reason to do. If the injured person threatens legal action or files suit, I would place my homeowners insurance on notice so that they can defend the claim. Hopefully, no legal action is taken.

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Report the claim to your homeowner's insurance company to resolve.


Ask your homeowner's insurance company. It sounds like you have a solid defense but your insurance company must be placed on notice by you calling them and sending them anything you get in the mail about the claim.
If you do not have homeowners insurance, call an experienced Personal injury lawyer for a consult. The victim has up to two years to file a lawsuit but you do not want to wait. Do it NOW.

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Simply report it to your homeowner's insurance carrier to resolve.


Your homeowner's insurance company will handle this for you.


Normally you are responsible for injuries if you know that your dog has bitten someone before and do not take reasonable steps to protect visitors from the dog. In this case, it would appear that you did everything possible to prevent your visitor from being bitten by your dog. If you have Homeowners Insurance, then you are most likely insured for this type of claim. If a claim is made against you, notify your Homeowners Insurance Company and they will defend and insure you.


Dog bite injuries can be handled by the homeowners policies. You've received good advice from the AVVO attorneys. PA is a strict liability state, my contribution is the article posted below explaining generally what that means: BLUE LINK BELOW

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Report this to your homeowners' insurance carrier and let the company take care of this. If you do not have insurance, ask the question again and add that you did not have insurance coverage.

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