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My DL is suspended till 2015. Three prior DUI convictions. If I drive on the suspended license, what is the consequence in Fl?

Tampa, FL |
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If you are arrested for driving on a DUI revocation you will be facing jail time, up to 364 days in jail. If it ends up being your third Driving with a Suspended License conviction, you will be facing a felony, and thus 5 years in prison. Don't do it! Three DWLS convictions makes you a Habitual Traffic Offender (HTO) and thats a felony.


I agree with with my colleague, however, I would only add try and get a Hardship. I would suspect that you had at least two DUI's within 5 years, which would explain the 5 years suspension.

Any hardship will be up to the Bureau of Administrative Reviews, it may be possible to get a Hardship after 1 year, providing you jump through the Bureau's hoops, but it is the only way to acquire a hardship license as a result of a mutiple DUI's.

Good luck,

Richard Alexander


You may qualify for a license in CO.


I agree with Mr. Alexander but would add that IF your DL is actually suspended for 10 years because of 3 DUIs you are still able to apply for a restricted license after 24 months (2 years). You will need to apply for a hearing at the DMV and enroll in a supervision program. At the hearing, the Department will determine if you are elligible. They will look at your driving history and make sure you have not driven or had any alcohol or non-prescribed drugs or medication for at least two years.

Good Luck

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