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My divorced wife (1993) took my minor daughter to the hospital in 2007. The insurance paid my EX and she cashed the check.

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Yesterday, I received a threatening call from a collector from the hospital telling me I have 24 hrs. and it goes to an attorney. I wasn't even aware of this until 4 week ago. I have an email 4 weeks ago from the hospital stating I am not the guarantor and not liable.. What are options?

The collector referenced the Ohio Revised Code, that as being a parent , I am liable for the debt. Is that correct? It is incredulous to me that they know she cashed the check and continue to pursue me. I did email the collector a copy of the email, sent to me from the hospital, and am awaiting the response this afternoon. Thank you for you guidance.

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Since the collection agency is working for the hospital, you need to talk to the person who sent you the e-mail and tell them to make sure the collection agency leaves you alone and you do not want to be harassed by any further phone calls.

Good luck.

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You should send a "cease and desist" letter to the hospital demanding that all future collection efforts be made in writing. Further, keep detailed records of all your communications with the hospital and also copies of any letters you send. Send everything certified mail, return receipt so you have proof that the letters were received. If it does go to an attorney/collection agency, send the same cease and desist letter and also send them a copy of the email you received. If they proceed with litigation, consult with an attorney right away.