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My divorcecase is frozen after 5 years. lawyers haven't done anything to resolve it.and have filed to stop alimony 3 yrs ago.

Fairfax, VA |

On third judge now, a retired substitute, who has not responded to my motions (6 wks ago) to remove my lawyer and let me represent myself.
Who can I get help from IN THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT when my civil rights in court have been violated. i have not had a fair trial, my lawyer(s) just QUID PRO QUO and agree terms themselves, sign papers W/O MY CONCENT and say, "that is what the law requires you to do". I'm out of money, had to file bankruptcy recently. These small town lawyers are buddys. One attorney, living with my wife, was doing the legal work, not on record by the court, He obtained my personal bank financial info, they believed he represented me. HIRE ANOTER LAWYER IS NOT AN ANSWER. The answers given here assume the lawyers may have a valid reason for a 5 year delay, They do not.

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Hire a new lawyer is the correct answer. The new lawyer can substitute in and hopefully bring this case to a conclusion.
You will not obtain any relief through the federal court system. You need to find a lawyer and cooperate with that lawyer. Complaining about the court system-which admittedly is flawed-will not help. It is the only system that you have to work in and with. This means that you may have to do things that you do find to be personally acceptable because the law and the courts require it. it is true that "you can't fight city hall"-or our current court system.

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I am sorry you are going through this. It doesn't sound like the federal courts will take over jurisdiction from the local state courts. Your best bet is to find local counsel or a legal aid service that can assist. I do hope that things work out for you and wish you all the best, take care.

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I think I answered this question previously. You likely need an out of town counsel. If you are in a more rural jurisdiction, the new lawyer may seem like the city attorney but you might be more comfortable with someone who does not appear regularly before the Court.

Lastly, although archaic, you can file a Motion to Speed the Cause through your attorney or pro se, on your own. If you are unable to get counsel and the Court thinks that you need counsel, kindly and politely, inquire if the Court will appoint a member of the bar to represent you. I have been so appointed. A Court will rarely grant this sort of relief.

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