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My divorce lawyer is not doing his job, what can I do?

Victorville, CA |

My divorce was filed in Oct. 2007 and until now, it has not been finalized yet. I kept sending e-mail to my attorney but he just keep saying it will be over soon. When I checked the online access, the entry on Sept. 15, 2010 and Nov. 29, 2010 wrote "NOTICE OF RETURNED DEFAULT JUDGMENT SENT"..What can I do to make my attorney do his job? My fiance and I have been waiting for this divorce to finalize so we can get married soonest..

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Contact him at his office by telephone and letter, certified mail, return receipt requested and demand the case be finished immediately or you will be forced to go to the legal authorities and then follow up with a complaint to the Grievance Committee of the State Bar and or the Court administration.


Sorry to hear you're having trouble with your attorney. Per the other answer, yes, you can report any misconduct by your lawyer to the California State Bar. However, apart from holding your prior lawyer accountable for any misdeeds, including improper billing for shoddy work, it seems you still need/want to finish your divorce ASAP. Thus, the most practical thing to do is to simply fire your lawyer and then immediately hire another one who is sufficiently competent/capable to finish up your case. There is no shortage of competent lawyers in your area. In fact, you can research this site to find one, and then interview him/her BEFORE engaging his/her services to ensure that person is up to the task. Better to step on toes early, rather than deal with a similar problem again down the road.

Good luck.