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My daughters name was changed to her legals fathers last name after 14 years? how can i get it changed back

Blountstown, FL |

when i took my daughters father to child support court they changed her last name to his name without contacting me. she has been using my maiden last name for the past 14 years and i believe if i telll her now that it has been changed it might make her mad. how do i go about changing it back to my maiden last name

my ex has nothing to do with her. when we went to child support court they told me the only way her name would be changed would be that he would have to start paying child support but he dont.. i dont understand how they can change it without me giving them permission.. he wasnt there for her birth or anything else.. he even denied that she was his until i had a dna test done to prove to everyone that she was her's and that is when they changed her last name and put him on her birth certifate and i dont think that is right. she as been using my maiden last name for 14 years and now they want me to change her name on all for her records.. how can i get it changed back

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You can file a petition for a minor name change. Go to your court house and ask at the clerk's office. It's not that hard to do. The father gets notice of the hearing if he's MIA or not in agreement. But under your circumstances, I can't see a court denying your request.

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