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My daughters mother went to an out of network provider when our daugher was born, am I resposbile for bills?

Chilton, WI |

Whatever her insurance didn't cover, my insuarnce covered when it directly involved my daughter. But there is a $2,000 bill from my ex's hospital stay that she says I owe half for. Do I, though it was her choice to go to an out of network provider?

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Wisconsin is a mitigation state. If she has a cheaper way, then she is to take it. So, if she went out of network when she knew that would cost more, then you will probably not be required to pay it.

BE SURE to check that these are actually child birthing expenses and not MOTHER Birthing expenses. The court will not order you to pay half of her costs, only the child's.


The scope of your responsibility for medical expenses should be defined in your court order and/or any pertinent written agreements. An analysis of the language contained therein will be necessary to answer your question. I suggest you consult with a local attorney to have these documents reviewed and explained to you. Good luck!

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In Wisconsin there is general language that the father is responsible for birthing expenses. It is not clear what your responsibility would be for out of network costs as there was no order the time the child was born. I agree that Wisconsin is a mitigation state so the mother needs to take the most reasonable cost effective approach. When you go into court have the court make clear exactly what you are responsible for. It would probably be wise to bring an attorney with you. You have a strong argument that your responsibility should be less than she is requesting.