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My daughter was sexually assaulted at school. The school did not call us(parents) or child protective services.

Knoxville, TN |

My daughter was raped while waiting for a ride home after missing the school bus. She was raped by the star basketball player,of which the assisted principal wAs his coach. When she reported it to the principal and the assisted principal they held her and questioned her several hours before contacting her parents, never calling CPS or the police. She was told she was lying by the asst. Principal/ his coach and the head principal. They made her write out a statement and they sent her back to class where he also was. We have since been to court where he was found not guilty, but the state is seeking restitution against him. The DA advised us to seek a civil case against the school for violating our civil rights. We are now searching for a civil rights lawyer outside of Hamilton county TN .

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What a horrible, horrible thing to have happen.

Horrible events like this are just what the law was designed to correct.

Your daughter has been "assaulted" twice. First by the star basketball player. Then, she has been in effect "assaulted" the second time by the school officials. To make it even worse, these are the people who are supposed to be protecting and nurturing children like your daughter.

Your daughter had a right to be protected – and not assaulted – by the school officials. You need to speak with a zealous attorney who is willing to protect your daughter's rights and work for justice.

If you would like, I would be pleased to speak with you about this situation. 865-633-6633 .


Oh wow...I'm very sorry to hear that. You have the right to choose any attorney you want for the case. However, should you so wish, you may call me at (321) 945-3353. Although I am a Florida attorney, I have a friend of mine who is a partner in a major law firm in Orlando, BUT who also has a license to practice in TN. He and his partners have a lot of experience in this type of case and he is designated by attorneys' community as a "Super Lawyer".
You may want to have at least a conference with him to determine the strength of your case. He will give you a free consultation.

Alejandro R. Lopez, Esq.
Law Office of Alejandro R. Lopez, P.A.
4465 Edgewater Dr.,
Suite A
Orlando, Fla. 32804
Ph.: (407) 649-1404


First and foremost, the DA should prosecute those school officials who failed to report the event. it is a class A misdemeanor for a person who knows of suspected abuse and fails to report.

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