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My daughter's biological father not filing tax

Salt Lake City, UT |

My daughter's biological father's recent ex girlfriend who actually lived with him for a year (in 2012) contacted me last night wanting to know how she can get in contact with my ex . Of course I asked her why and she told me that while they were dating she worked for his company for few months and she needs to get in contact with him because she still haven't gotten her 2 from him . So , I gave her his current phone number and she said she was going to call him . About 11 PM I received a text from her saying that he isn't going to file tax this year because he owes too much and I was kind of angry because he owes my daughter over $ 6000 in child support and I was hoping that IRS will deduct whatever they can from his return ( he also works at some company ) .

So, my question is, is there anything that I should do about this ? Or is this something that we all have to wait until he gets caught not filing taxes ? She also mentioned that he didn't file taxes in 2009 & 2011 as well.

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Your daughter's father is likely going to have tax problems, but those should not be your problems. I think you should focus on the child support. If you have a court order for support, then you should enforce it. For help, you can refer to a good general resource at --

The IRS might help enforce child support payments (there are applicable laws), but if the IRS does not know about the support order, or if your daughter's father is hiding income, the IRS might not know about any money available.

You can look for help to many local law firms (my own included, or you can seek help at the U of U clinic --

You may also want to talk with the people at Utah's ORS --

This answer or response should not be considered legal advice, and does not create an attorney-client relationship. If you have further questions, I would be glad to discuss your situation further. I can be reached at US - (801) 746-6300, or online at --

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