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My daughter is taking my property, what can I do?

Taft, CA |

I am in a wheelchair and have only one leg...I have recently decided to take POA away from my daughter, though have not been able to legally revoke it yet, she is extremely angry with this decission and said that she was moving out. Well the problem with this is that she refuses to give me my state i.d., my bank card, my checks, and the keys to my truck. She has also begun taking whatever she pleases, I have told her she can't take those and she tells me she can take whatever she wants, she came into my room and took the lamp that MY money paid for out of my tv stating that it is her's because she went and picked it up. She has also taken my dog and says that it is her dog, though it was given to me because my last puppy died and I was very upset. What can I do?

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You need to retain an elder abuse attorney, as they specialize in these types of cases. The first thing for you and the attorney to do is to go into court and get the POA revoked and put in place someone else close to you that is trustworthy and will put your needs and welfare first.
If you are not financially able to hire a lawyer, then call county social services and ask for help and a referral as there are very strict laws against elder abuse that can be enforced against your daughter.
I do not know how far you want to go, but if she is also stealing from you or at least taking your property without your permission, it is a crime. You can call the local police and ask them for help, although once they find out there is a POA, they may tell you it is a civil matter and refer you to the county social services or a private attorney.
If you have a computer, check out a few elder abuse websites and also check your city and county sites for assistance on this issue as well. You do need to act very quickly.
Good Luck to you.
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Call the police and report your daughter. Also contact your state social services department and ask for their assistance.

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I think you need to a lawyer to investigate the situation before making accusations against your daughter. Are there other children available that you should involve? Or is your daughter all you got left? These are more important questions than whether or no she took the lamp. You also don't mention what property you own, who takes care of you, etc. A lot more information is needed before you call the police. So long as there is no physical abuse you should consult with other family members who can take you to a lawyer and then decide what the best course of action is looking at the whole picture. Good luck.