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My daughter is being held on a FOA 900.00 ZT - Fugitive warran

Brooklyn, NY |

What does it mean? How long can they keep her, she has no holds. Will the other state come to get her?

How can I find out what she is being charged with from the other state. Is this a state or federal case?

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The hold your daughter has is the fugitive warrant. You can talk to an attorney about getting in touch with the requesting agency to expedite her pickup, agree to a local bail package or if applicable getting documentation to the local court stating they are no longer interested. Good luck.

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no lawyer on this site can tell you whether the other state will come get her. However, when you know the answer to that question, the oher questions would be easier to answer. Typically, once the other state decides they want to extradict, most attorneys recommend their clients consent to extradition to speed things up.

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You can probably get some information from the court file - it should list what the charge is. You can also speak with her attorney to see what information he or she has. I had a case last year where my client was arrested in Florida on a New Jersey warrant; it took some time for Jersey to find their file but when they did, they decided not to extradite and my client was released.

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