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My daughter is being harassed by a boy via internet and text, what can we do?

Bremerton, WA |

The boy has been arrested several times for numerous things. I spoke to his father on several occasions about this and it's not stopping. He has just been released from rehab and continues to harass her over the internet, facebook, texting, snap chatting, his friends, etc...

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Go and file a c riminal complaint against him with the police or the DA. Most states have stalking laws that it sounds he violated.

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Hire an attorney to file a restraining order against the boy. This lawyer can also advise you if you have a chance of recouping any fees or damages.
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Your question did not include the age of your daughter and the harasser. Washington State has an anti-bullying law, RCW 28A.300.285 which might be of assistance to you. It would be wise to get a restraining order, but you will need specifics (date, time and type of acts taken). Contact your local police and/or prosecutor to file a complaint against the boy and his parents.

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