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My daughter is 23 yrs. old and is not going to college

Mound Bayou, MS |

i do not have to pay child support but i do have to pay the arrears which ocurred over the years, my question to you why is this?

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In MS, once child support becomes due (ie. the 5th day of the month or whatever day you're supposed to pay), there is no way to erase it. It's just the law of the State.

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Why wouldn’t you have to pay it? It is a valid debt. When you did not pay, your daughter did not stop eating food, wearing clothes, needing transportation, a roof over her head, using utilities, getting sick, going to the doctor and a thousand other things children require as they grow up. Very seldom do I see child support payments that cover one-half or more of the cost or raising a child. In other words, the parent with primary custody is on the losing end financially.

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