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My daughter is 21 and a full time student in college. Will her child support continue even if her father retires?

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She has been receiving child support up to this point but her father decided to retire on July 1st and she has another year of school. We have been paid directly by his employer but now wonder what will happen. Is he required to keep paying?

Honestly I thought her child support would end at 18, however his employer (UPS) who was paying it directly to me, continued to pay and when we questioned them, they stated that it was a law that as long as she was a full time student, they had to keep paying it or there had to be a court order stopping it. Therefore it has continued to this point. I just don't know how his retirement will affect it, as can he just elect to end it in July? Now I am really confused as Attorney Cohen has stated that it ends at 18 or 19. We were previously told that it was 24 or college graduation. I have no attorney to go to as we did not use one for our divorce but opted for a paralegal due to financial constraints.

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In California usually child supports ends at 18 or graduation from high schoo whichever comes later or 19 unless there is a stipulation to pay for more years or a certain event, consult your attorney

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In California, unless the parties agree in writing otherwise (and it becomes a court order), per statutory law child support ends when a child emancipates, marries, dies, reaches the age of 18 and is no longer a full-time high school student, or age 19, whichever occurs first. Unless your court orders says so, he is not required to keep paying after any of those terminating events. I suggest you speak with a family law attorney - there may be an issue with overpayment.



No there is no overpayment to worry about. He told me and my daughter that he planned on supporting her until she graduated from college and got a job. We even discussed what he would do if she were to meet a guy and have a child out of wedlock and he said he would take care of the child and her until she was able to take care of them on her own. He was well aware of what was happening and that is how he wanted it.


Short of special circumstances, the obligation to pay support in the State of Ca for a child ends upon the child turning 18 or graduated from high school, whichever is later, and by 19 it is done.

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