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My daughter has shared her step mother is emotionally abusive, what legal recourse do I have as the custodial parent?

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My daughter's step mother over the years has told my 12 year old daughter that I was not a good mother, each year during visitation my daughter is questioned about her life in Ohio. The step mother has told her that my current husband and I are liars and "evil" people. She has used religion to say we are not of God because we do not attend church. My daughter's latest trip there was by far the worst. They have been for as long as she can remember sharing "adult" issues with her about the divorce and their obvious hate towards me. This past trip they baptized her with out consent to save her before she returned home to me. The step mother also told her that my ex husband is not her real father and gave details of who is. However this may be the case it was not appropriate to share this.

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What you are asking about is modifying the parenting time arrangement to either limit contact with step mother, both step mother and father or to end the contact. These matters can be very difficult to determine. You should seek a consultation with an attorney to review indepth the facts, issues and concerns that have arisen. You will want to consider counseling for your daughter in general and for purposes of future hearing/trial. You will also need to give thought to what your daughter's concerns are and what she wants to do. Although your daughter can not testify at court, she can be interviewed by the court. I would seek a consultation and determine what can be done to try and limit the step mother's contact.

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