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My daughter has had 2 no contact orders against her. Both dismissed. How does she get them removed from her record?

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Minor child placed both against her Mom so she would be able to stay at her boyfriends. The first was dismisssed in court by her daughter, the 2nd was placed because of the 2nd false charges of assault. The 2nd has now also been dropped by Prosecutor. How can she get them removed from her records so if her daughter tries again there would be no previous orders showing.. Assault charges have been dropped also.

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You could petition to get them sealed. Very unlikely. You will likely need the help of an attorney to accomplish it. Even then, may not happen. If you want english explanations of the underlying reasons the Seattle Times did various expose pieces in years past about "sealed" files and the court has made the law much clearer about what can and cannot be sealed. Find a local attorney that has some experience in dealing files.


Even though the charges were dismissed they will remain as charged cases until you can petition the court to have them expunged/vacated. The problem is that you have to wait a period of time AFTER EVERYTHING IS DONE WITH A CASE in order to do this. You will need to check with the clerk of the court where these cases were filed and ask when you can petition the court to have these cases vacated/expunged from your record. No Judge or whomever should take a dismissed matter and hold it against that person so make sure you tell anyone this if they try to use the fact that you were once charged with Violation of a no contact order and/or assault before. It was dismissed. Good luck to you.


Counsel offer you excellent advice. Please also consider that it's better to see charges dismissed than a sealed record.

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