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My daughter had a newborn baby girl out of wedlock. The father came and picked up the baby and will not return her.

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My daughter had a baby girl out of wedlock. The father came and picked the baby up Sunday and was to bring her right back. He has kept her and will not return her. My daughter has only seen her baby one day. He was with my daughter for 10 years and recently got another girl pregnant while still with my daughter. I have called D.H.S. and they gave me some hot-line numbers that will get back to me in 3 or 4 days. He has made false accusations claiming my daughter was crazy. He never would work and she supported them. How can he make false accusations and keep the baby? He has even asked for money donations on facebook saying he is expecting another child in two weeks. He plays the system for all he can. My daughter crys all day. I went to the police no help.

I am appaulled at our system. I can't believe a man out of wedlock can take a baby away from the mother with just his false accusations and no one I have contacted can do anything immediately. lt is mental abuse to say the least. I am waiting on one agency to get back to me if they agree it is abuse. I have paperwork from the hospital that says out of wedlock the mother has sole-custody and the father can go to court to get rights for visitation if the mother will not let him see her. She let him see her being fair now she wished she didn't. I want some answers please. D.

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You daughter needs legal help to assert her rights as a parent. The police cannot help you because this is a civil matter, not a criminal matter.

You do not say if the alleged father is listed as father on the birth certificate. If he signed an acknowledgment of paternity, and the acknowledgment was recorded with the Oklahoma Department of Health, he has all the legal rights of a father. If he is not on the birth certificate, he is out of line taking and keeping the child.

Your daughter needs to file a petition to establish parentage, if necessary, as well as custody, parenting time and child support. the Oklahoma Department of Human Services has an Office of Child Support Services that can help with child support, but not with the custody or visitation issues. You are on your own in that regard, and I urge you to get legal assistance promptly. Contact the Oklahoma County Bar Association lawyer referral service, or get a referral to a family law attorney.

The "father's" actions will not serve him well in court. You will have to take the initiative to get the case to court. Good luck.

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