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My daughter got into a car accident, she was a passenger. Injury date was 11/4 but didn't go to the chiro until 11/29.

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24 dr appts. They are offering $2000 for a settlement. Is that reasonable? Her medical bills were $4500. She waited until then to go to a chiro because she thought is was going to go away. Soft tissue injury

She had seat belt bruises on chest and hips. She didn't lose any work days but couldn't do her job because she's a dancer. She treated herself with pain relievers hoping it would resolve it self. They did pay her medical bills. I don't think it's worth getting a lawyer but how do I convey that $2000 is not worth what she went through....any thoughts?

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Suggest you contact a competent personal injury in your locality. He or she would be in the best position to advise you as to the value of the case and whether or not to purse legal action.


From the limited infortmation provided that settlement offer does not sound appropriate. Carriers often low ball unrepresented people and often justify the low offer based on a delay in seeking medical treatment or the fact that the accident was too minor to have caused any significant injury. I concur that you should seek the advice of a local personal injury attorney. Another option is small claims court which does not allow you to be represeted at the hearing by an attorney, but is a relatively quick manner of resolving disputes. Of course if you go that route you must make sure you are fully prepared to present the claim with appropriate evidence, i.e., the medical records, bills and possibly the testimony of the chiropractor. For that reason you are probably best served by seeking the advice of an attorney.

The information provided herein does not create an attorney client relationship and is provided for general purposes only. You should consult and retain an attorney to protect your interests.


I'm sure the insurance adjuster is using the "delay" in seeking medical treatment as a basis for disputing that the treatment your daughter sought is related to the wreck. Is liability clear? Did your daughter self-treat, self-medicate and/or document the pain and discomfort she went through for the first 25 days and up until she went to see the chiropractor? Is her history of injury, impairment and/or self-treatment adequately reflected in her chiropractor's medical records? Does your daughter have other insurance that will cover the chiropractor's bills, or does the chiropractor's bill have to be satisfied out of the $2,000 settlement offer? Property damage does not necessarily correlate with injuries, but insurance adjusters always argue low property damage equals little or no injury. Is the issue of low property damage a factor in your daughter's claim too?

There are simply too many unanswered questions that need to be addressed before anyone can answer your question or provide valuable insight on the offer. Your daughter should definitely consult with a personal injury attorney in your area about this before responding. Good luck resolving the claim.

Please know that this answer is being provided to you in response to the limited information contained in your submission and should be considered for informational and/or educational purposes only. This response does not establish any attorney client privilege or relationship between you and me, as a responding attorney, and my post certainly does not attempt to counsel you on any of the pertinent legal facts and/or implications concerning your issue. To fully investigate and determine your legal rights, should you so choose, I recommend that you promptly consult with an attorney of your choosing as time may be of the essence.


Based on the information you have provided it doesn't sound like a reasonable offer. Each case is very unique and requires it's own thorough evaluation. I would suggest you contact an attorney and take advantage of a free consultation. There is no obligation to continue with representation and most attorney's - myself included - are happy to discuss a case and provide some opinions with potential clients regardless of whether they choose to hire us or not.

Should you choose to contact someone, I suggest being prepared to provide information regarding the extent of the injuries, any lingering pain/discomfort or physical limitations related to the injuries, and any time missed from work due to injuries and their treatment. If there is a traffic collision report you should have that handy as well.

I hope that your daughter has fully recovered and wish you luck as you proceed with the claim. Of course, I would welcome you call if you would like to discuss the case further.

This response applies to California Law only and does not create any legal relationship between the attorney and the person who submitted the question.


Insurance companies count on claimants accepting whatever settlements they offer. They get away with this because most people will not hire an attorney or take the matter to small claims court. The value of your daughter's claim depends on many factors and she should contact a personal injury attorney to discuss her options for handling her claim.

This response applies only to California law, is not intended to be legal advice to any individual and does not create an attorney-client relationship.


You don't say how long your daughter waited before getting treatment. Insurance companies routinely use any "gap" in treatment as justification for not paying the true value of the claim because "if you were really hurt you would have gone to the doctor." In reality, people often don't go to the doctor right away for various reasons, including the belief that they will get better over time.

I believe the offer is low and that you should consult a good California personal injury attorney to explain all of the facts and circumstances and to get an opinion as to the best way to maximize your daughter's recovery.

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There is no magic formula for determining the value of your daughter's claim. It depends, most importantly, on liability. In other words, how did the accident happen and who was at fault? Having said that, if your daughter was the passenger and not at fault at all, she should be compensated for 100% of her injuries, including medical expenses and pain and suffering. From what you say, $2,000 seems much too low. You should contact a local personal injury lawyer.


No I do not think 2k is a good settlement offer. Why would you think you could get your daughter more money than an experienced Personal Injury Attorney? You are not doing right by her by not retaining an attorney.

My law firm handles car accident cases all over the state of California. You can read about these cases at . Our office gives free consultations over the phone 24 hours a day at 800-816-1529 x. 1.

No attorney/client relationship is or shall be created by this response on Avvo to non-clients of The Law Offices of Norman Gregory Fernandez.


You should obtain needed medical care and treatment immediately and follow the doctor's advice. Do not give any statement to the adverse party or insurance company nor grant them access to any medical records. Photograph the injuries and the damage done to any property. Contact a personal injury attorney in your area as soon as possible so that you can protect your rights. You may also find it helpful to review the Legal Guides I have published on dealing with many of the issues you are now facing.

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