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My daughter got in trouble for assault with intent to do bodily harm first offense is this a case for mandatory probation

Alvarado, TX |

this is her first time to ever be in trouble and it was her boyfriend that she hit there wasn't any kind of weapon involved

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First off, nobody can tell you what will happen with the case. I know you would like to get answers for your daughter, but this is based upon many factors and only the attorney representing your daughter can advise her on this issue. On the other hand, I am not familiar with a "mandatory probation" requirement outside of a very limited set of minor drug possession offenses. Best advice, get your daughter a good criminal defense attorney in your area.

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Retain the most experienced criminal litigation attorney you can afford. You do not want this to follow her forever and ruin her future.

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Bodily injury assault not involving serious bodily injury is a misdemeanor in Texas.

I know of no mandatory probation statute for misdemeanors. However, very few people get sent to jail their first time out on misdemeanor assault.

However, I cannot give you specific advice about your daughter's case. That would require a complete review of all the evidence available and a detailed interview of your daughter, and I can't do that on avvo.

Best idea is for her to consult the best criminal defense lawyer she can.

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