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My daughter gave me power of attorney over my granddaughter in June of 2012.

Zion, IL |

My daughter gave me power of attorney over my now 8 year old granddaughter in June of 2012 I am my granddaughter's grand mother on her mothers side.In Nov of 2012 my daughter came for a visit and asked me if she could take my granddaughter back home with her for a visit so I said yes because she is her mother so she keep her and put her in school where she lives and then in Oct of 2013 she called me and said that she could not deal with her any longer she I tell her to bring my granddaughter back home to me . So she said she had no way of getting her back to me so she allowed my granddaughter's grand father on the father's side get her and he was suppose to return my granddaughter to me on Dec 25,2013 and when I called him he said he was keeping her I have power of attorney can he do that

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Your power of attorney is worthless. Unless you had a court ordered guardianship, you have no authority over your granddaughter. Powers of Attorney can only be granted by adults, and for themselves, provided they are of sound mind when granting the POA. Sorry.


You need a court order, not a POA that really does not apply here anyway.

Consider hiring an attorney


I concur with attorney Goldstein-sorry.
Keep your hopes up-maybe they will consent to a guardianship.

The answer given does not imply that an attorney-client relationship has been established and your best course of action is to have legal representation in this matter.