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My daughter 17 wants to change custody order to live with me..i have joint legal custody. she is physically custody elsewhere.

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Being my daughter is 17. and has been in physical care of another loco parent while both parties have joint custody..loco parents have primary physical...she wants to live with me..being so close to her 18th birthday..instead of going through long process of a hearing or there anything i can do...last year..the mediation i had did not go so well...and was not in my favor..she is animate about living with me primarily can i seek immediate custody being she is almost 18? Ive always had joint custody with visitation she is older..she is wanting to come live with me. How can i hurry the process up?

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Unfortunately, if the other parent is not willing to agree to amend the current Custody Order by agreement then you must file a Petition to Modify Custody. However, since your daughter is so close to turning 18, I would try to have a conversation with the other parent to see if an agreement can be worked out in which you can avoid a legal battle and/or mediation as this can be costly for both parents. Communication is always the best start and way to get everyone on the same page.

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