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My daughter, age 22, has been arrested and in jail for a month now. She is being charged for accessory to armed robbery, becaus

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she was driving the car. she says she did not know this was going to happen, Her trial date is Nov. 14th. We asked her attorney for a bond hearing. It was 75,000.We didn't have the money for a bondsman. Her court appointed attorney has not talked to her, or visited her in jail at all. I am her mother, and taking care of her child. She has never been in trouble before. I am concerned that because he is court appointed, he will not fight for her, but only go through the motions. We cannot afford a private attorney. Do you think he will fight for her?

Her boyfriend robbed a double kwik store. He held a knife to the girls neck and asked for money. Because my daughte was driving the car, how much time do you think she will get being her first offense, and no prior criminal background?

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If your daughter wants to, she can give written authorization to her attorney to discuss the case with you. You can then take a more active role. Call his office. Schedule appointments. Camp out on his doorstep if you feel the need to get the attention your daughter deserves. Let him know you are keeping notes. If there is still a communication problem your daughter can alert the court and she will be able to explain in detail why she is not prepared to go to trial or plead guilty or whatever the lawyer's plan is on the 14th (if in fact your daughter is not ready then).

Karin Riley Porter

Karin Riley Porter


Your daughter's public defender should also explore the possibility of your daughter cooperating with the prosecution against the co-defendant. This cooperation could prove beneficial to her through plea negotiations.

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