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My dad wonts to adopt my 15 yr old daughter who still lives with her mother,and will even after the adoption.How to do this?

Vidalia, GA |

i will be signing parental rights away to him(my dad),which he is more able to pay for her,than i am,but the child will continue to live with the mother until shes would we go about setting this up?

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The real question is why you would do this. He can pay expenses without adoption. Consult a local attorney and discuss the matter in detail before doing anything that may have lasting and unfortunate consequences.

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I agree with David. There can be no adoption unless the mother agrees to the arrangement. As the grandfather he has all the love of a grandfather without obligations. He can pick and choose how and when to help his grandson.

Did I miss something? Hopefully, some lawyer can set him straight.


He cannot adopt without terminating both your rights and the mother's rights as well, something she will probably not want to do. If he wants to support the child, he has every right to do so as long as the mother accepts it. He may also want to provide for the child directly in his will.

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