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My dad is paying child support to my mom, but I have not been living with her for several months. How do I get my money?

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My dad has faithfully paid child support to my mom since he knew about me. For the past 6+ months I have not been living with my mom, but my dad is still paying her. I have not seen a penny of that money, and my mom does not pay for my necessities. How do I get the money that is owed to me?

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If you're a minor - you don't.

If you're over age 18 and under 21, and attending school half-time or more and making satisfactory academic progress, then you can receive support directly. You can appear as a party to a child support case - in fact, you are a necessary party to the case - and request a modification. You can do this either by filing a motion to modify support in your local county circuit court, or as an administrative procedure through the Department of Justice's Child Support Enforcement Division. You can learn more about this process here:

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