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My dad is a 3rd degree blackbelt and punched me in the face. Can he get in any legal trouble for this?

Newton, NJ |

Im 17 and have fought with my parents for a long time and said horrible things. Never have I laid a hand on either of them. My dad and I were fighting and he punched me so hard I was on the ground with him on top of me before I even knew I was hit. There is a cut above my lip and one of the sides of my nose is swollen. I have photographed this. I don't want to live in a group home and I have been in trouble with the law before and he's claiming I'm a "drug addict" since I smoke marijuana and violated probation for it. I've been clean for 25 days and everybody knows weed makes you calm and happy so i believe that argument is illegitimate. What can I do about this?

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you can file a report with the police and contact DYFS.

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You can do plenty but be careful what you wish for. You can file a DV against your Dad and have him removed from the house on a restraining order. You can file criminal charges against him. You can file DYFS charges against him. All these may affect his job and your relationship. Or you can remember he is paying the freight, it is his house and he just wants the best for you. As a criminal defense attorney and a Dad I kind of understand his position. Stopping getting high is no excuse for an argument just as frustration is no excuse to deck you. Grow up and sit down and talk to your old man. He was your age once, honest. Filing charges will likely just make matters worse but if you are really threatened or need the court’s protection you can get it and by all means should.


I think Mark has given you excellent advice. I also recommend that you look into some kind of free counseling through the county where you and your dad could try to get on the same page.
Perhaps you will need to go alone at first, and then ask him to come with you.