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My dad got busted with 20 lbs of marijuana and 50 plants after being under surveillance for 2 weeks and having a warrant issued

Schoharie, NY |

class c felony, what can i do to get his sentence reduced

He said there was no way there was that much there, and he also got unlawful cultivation, but he wasn't growing.The police got the warrant with no signed statements against him, the police never told him they had a warrant when they hadncuffed him, they slipped it in his pocket before putting him in the car without saying a word after they got everything in the house. they also questioned him before reading him his rights while the bust was happening. they read him his rights 7 hours later. is any of this information worth anything in this case? Can they charge him with more than was actually there? he is a first time offender, this is in n.y, and he has no prior convictions for anything.

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Retain a good criminal defense attorney to explore all of his options.


You have many issues which should be discussed immediately with competent criminal defense counsel. The legal sufficiency of the warrant (you do not indicate whether it was a search warrant or arrest warrant) should be analyzed and challenged. The weight of contraband attributed to the defendant must be verified by the lab. I am sure you and your father take his freedom very seriously. There are some excellent defense attorneys in the Schoharie County area, that can assist you.

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