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My dad 84 years of age had hip surgery 4 months ago. was sent to rehab and then dislocated his hip. we never got answers to how.

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The rehab hospital pretty much said its due to his age that a hip can come out of place even just laying in bed.I don't believe that!! He was then sent for a risky 2nd surgery and began his recovery again. After 3 weeks in the ICU he never became the same as i noticed but was sent to a acute hospital for treatment. After 2 months of treatment he was then sent to a different rehab facility. 4 Days later we find out his hip dislocated for a second time and again no answers to how it happened. Since the 2nd hip surgery my dad was never the same. He is very weak and has a peg feeding tube now. He no longer can eat or drink from his mouth anymore.
We strongly feel my dad does not deserve The pain and suffering he is going through right now.We are hoping you can get us answers. Thank You, Rob

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You need to talk to his physicians not affiliated with the rehab facility, and see what they say. You should get all the records from the hospital, doctors, and rehab facilities. An expert would need to review them to get another opinion. Talk to a local med mal and or elder abuse lawyer.


The only way to figure out what happened is to get all the records and have them reviewed by a medical expert which can be expensive. Unfortunately, this general scenario plays out frequently. Once an elderly person has a procedure their health takes a downhill spiral that may or may not be the result of any malpractice.


I am sorry to hear about this situation. Consult with a local elder abuse lawyer to investigate and assist. Good luck.


Have a local lawyer order the medical records to investigate.


My mother is 83 and in an assisted living facility. I know intimately how frail she is and I certainly can envision how your father might have dislocated his hip in bed and how it can be nonsurgically corrected esp. since it happened twice. But I am not a physician and doubt that you are and, so, I'd get competent medical advice on how the latest dislocation occurred, what its effects have been, and how to correct it.


Another doctor should go over his records. Start there.

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