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My coworker video taped my manager and I(assistant) at work without our consent.

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What charges can I file towards him?
My coworker videotaped my manager and I on atleast 3 seperate times deviously and sent it to my area manager with the means of getting us fired. Little did he know, was that both my manager and I were simply boosting sales for our store legally, LEGALLY. However he seemed to think it was illegal and told people he has my manager and I fired and he would be manager. My area manager received it from this employee and there was no investigation through the company or HR. The incidents happened early January. We are seeking a lawyer to represent us soon. Thank you.

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Based just on this summary of facts, it is difficult to see any viable cause of action against anyone here. The subject matter of what was reported to the area manager does not apparently obligate the employer to conduct an investigation. The co-worker's statements do not appear defamatory on these facts, and there does not seem to be an issue of reasonable expectation of privacy that would make the videotape unlawful. So, it is not clear to me what legal claim may be contemplated, nor what claim may be sound, if any.

Of course, an in-depth consultation with an attorney may expand the facts to a different conclusion.

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I don't think you have any claims against the co-worker over what you describe.
As an employee, you have very few rights to privacy in the workplace.
Obviously the area manager knows about this, but you can still report the employee to HR for harassing you and see if they do anything about it.

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