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My cousins are being neglected and abused by their mother and her boyfriend, what can me and my mother do?

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My cousins are being neglected my their mother and abused by the boyfriend. They ran away from home a few days ago because both of them were drunk and abusing them. They are never fed and my aunt is always partying and the boyfriend does drugs. They ran to my mothers house and cops showed up, my aunt said my mother kidnapped them. She told the cop what is happening and said they couldn't do anythin without proof. What can my mother do? We want them safe they are still so very young

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The simple answer is you can reach out to DSHS/cps. That advice is simple
but the consequences of doing such is not so simple.


Your cousins could be encouraged to reach out to CPS themselves or talk to a trusted teacher or guidance counselor. In most places police officers are mandated reporters of child abuse or neglect. If you and your mother really want CPS involved with your cousins, a call to a ranking officer at the police department should prompt the responding officer to at least report what your mother told him to CPS so that they might begin an investigation.

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Call CPS as a starter. That is a hit and miss operation.
You might speak to a family law/probate attorney. Any other posible options depend on the ages of the kids.

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