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My cousin kicked me out in February of 2012. she sold all of .my do I fix this.

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I don't think she would pay if I took her to court She took me in for two months . my father helped her pay her bills until I found a job . I paid her the first two weeks of rent for February and she kicked me out February 4th and said I didn't give her enough money . I went to get my stuff she said she sold it all . I had a 1400 dollar drum set , 800 dollar guitar , all my clothes and tons of stuff that wasn't even mine . how do I go about getting her to pay for it . She has a criminal record for fraud and she is a drug addict

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From your description of of cousin a wholeheartedly agree with the assessment you've made that she will not pay if you took her to court. Criminal charges are far more effective at motivating money payments then civil lawsuits concerning the same matter. Try reporting it to the municipal police department where you were staying. If the police do not act on your report by filing charges, you could contact the Montgomery County District Attorney's Office to see if they would approve a "Private Criminal Complaint". The rules of criminal procedure in PA make provision for such a procedure when citizens believe they are the victim of a crime but the police do not take up the case and file in the usual fashion, a "Police Criminal Complaint". The first responder's suggestion of involving other family members in the process could be helpful, but you obviously can assess that on your own. Drug addicts will steal from their closest friends and relatives. In their world there is nothing that holds a candle to getting more drugs. The risk of going to jail where drugs are much harder to come by can therefor move a person otherwise unmoved by less threatening action.


You can try to possibly get some family members involved (to talk to her, etc.). And, if that doesn't work, you could always sue her in small claims court.