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My court date was reset to find a lawyer. I was unable to and have to go back to court in the morning. What should I do?

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Go back to court and advise the judge. It's possible the judge could grant you one last continuance.

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I agree with Attorney Daley and wish to add the following. Our judges up here in PA are generally not very thrilled with a Defendant who is granted time to secure counsel but nonetheless shows up the next time without counsel. I would recommend that you be prepared to explain chapter and verse the steps you have taken to secure counsel and the reason(s) they proved unsuccessful.


Go to court and bring a list of the names and fee quotes you have been given. You will be given another chance to find a lawyer. If you are seemingly indigent, you will need to make the same effort to show the court anyway.

Do NOT be late to court.

Cynthia Henley


The court will probably give you more time to hire an attorney. Or they may let you apply for a court-appointed attorneu.

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