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My Contactor is over charging me for rewiring a home that was vandalized by thieves.

Balch Springs, TX |

We verbally agreed to $55.00 and hour for wires to be replaced and ran from the attic to the breaker box in a 1150 sqft duplex home. No contact was signed and he's charging me for 100 hrs.' for a job that only takes 24hr minimum @ $55.00 and hour per person times four contractors. One of the contractor fell through the ceiling and cut wholes through my newly remodeled unit. I asked three times for the cost before the unit was complete and he told me he had to figure up the cost and email me the invoice and once the unit was complete I told him that $55 and hour for 5 days at 8hrs per should be around 3000.00 including labor and supplies he replied yes give or take extra work needed in certain areas. Now I receive an invoice after the job is completely done for over $7800.00 please help me

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When there is no agreement as to a specific price, the law will presume that the parties intended for the price to be reasonable. In your situation, if you agreed to $55 per hour, then the time for the task would be presumed to be reasonable. If the contractor took unreasonably long or negligently increased the amount of time that it took, the contractor would not be entitled to the excessive charge.

You really need to negotiate a resolution. If you cannot, then consult with another electrician to have that electrician provide you with an estimate as to the appropriate amount of time and materials charge for the work. You can then use that proposal to negotiate with the first contractor.

Good luck.


Mr. Erikson is correct. It sounds like you agreed to $55 per hour. Are you saying that he is lying that it took him 100 hours or that it is an unreasonable amount of time.

Is this work being done through your insurance company? If so,. they may be able to help.

As attorney may well help you and at least make sure that if you reach an agreement that you obtain a valid release and make sure there is no lien against your property.

Good luck.