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My collaborative divorce, started by my spouse seems to favor a better outcome for him. Should i continue?

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Husband has suffered severe depression on and off all marriage. His work hours are extremely erratic. Goes into work mid day and returns late at night. he has not been reliable to help me. he doesnt answer the phone or coordinate. . the collaborative neutral seems to be taking his side to let him try. He denies mental health issue. Could this process be a way of protecting him? giving him more than he would get otherwise? I have tried to press this issue and keep getting a "neutral" response. i dont feel right brushing this under the rug.
I dont want my kids relying on a 20+ years unreliable man. he is also rude and uncooperative behind closed doors but fake to the lawyers. He films me, records me, and padlocks his doors. this seems hostile,. help

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You should have a consultation with an experienced divorce lawyer, if you haven't already done so to know your rights.



yes, i have done so. mostly the response i keep hearing is court would be worse for the kids. but this isnt any party as he is hostile and acting out in the same house., quite damaging actually.

Jeffrey B. Peltz

Jeffrey B. Peltz


A collaborative divorce is best if it works, that is it's truly a collaborative effort.. The decision is your whether to proceed with the collaborative divorce to go with the traditional contested divorce. Good luck.


Apparently the collaborative process is not working for you. Consult with an experienced divorce lawyer to represent you.

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If he is that hostile, collaborative law doesn't seem the way to go. You're of course free to raise these concerns to the collaborative law attorney. But you're best advised to schedule a consultation with your own NYC Divorce attorney.

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Under those circumstances you probably will do better with a litigated divorce.

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Your collaborative lawyer should be looking out for your best interest. If this is mediation, you can always hire a lawyer to attend with you or advise you in between sessions. Generally, I believe that parties get the best deal when they work together to come to an agreement without involving courts. But if that isn't happening here, don't let yourself feel forced into something just to "get it over with." Contact some lawyers and see the various options you might have available.

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