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My childs mother wants to terminate parental rights. How do i go about this process?

Richmond, CA |

She has not been apart of his life for the past year and beforehand she was noncompliant, abusive, negligent and untrustworthy with the well being of my son. If she is finally serious about this I want to handle it ASAP

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A parent can consent to have their parental rights terminated. Consult with a family law attorney to assist with the process and provide appropriate advice and representation.

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In California unless you have a cotemporaneous adoption going on with your termination of parental rights action it’s nearly impossible to obtain a termination of parental rights. If your fiancée or new spouse is interested in adopting then it can be a workable solution. Otherwise, the court is not going to take away from the State’s ability to go after Mom for future support obligations if in fact the State is ever required to pay money, unfortunate, but true.

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You have a long road to hoe. Termination of Parental Rights is hard to obtain in California absent a pending adoption. As stated in a previous answer the State is not going to let a source of child support payments slip away. I know that you probably don't need the support payments but if anything should ever happen to you the State will want someone to go after, that would be your child's mother.

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