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My child was being bullied by teacher. teacher has been fired now board of ed. lawyer wants my son to go to court

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to testify against do I take action and have a lawyer ? I m thinking that since she has been fired there has been reason. also I feel I should hold b.o.ed responsible my son has been affected emotionally big time. I want to take action against teacher or b.of .ed what should I do? when this was taking place I had contact a lawyer he sent investigator to my child school. I made reports to principal also to district can someone help thanks so much

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Did you serve a Notice of Claim within 90 days of the incident? Consult with a personal injury lawyer.

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Even if you didn't serve a notice of claim within the 90 day window, and depending upon how late you are, a good lawyer should be able to argue that your notice to the principal and the district removes all prejudice from the late filing. Further, it's an infant's case and courts tend to be more pro active in finding arguments to keep alive actions that might otherwise be dismissed. You need a lawyer to immediately file a motion to serve a late notice of claim, nunc pro tunc (now for then), good luck to you and your son.

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You do need an attorney to properly handle this matter for you. You should contact a local Education attorney immediately.

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