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My child was assaulted by his teacher where do I start?

Kalamazoo, MI |

my child is 10 years old and was assaulted by his teacher he has two,black eyes and bruises on his body in multiple places. where do I start with my case?

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The real question is "how much money do you have?" Call the police and make a report. Then, call an attorney and discuss the details how and what happened. Be ready to pay whatever he or she asks for and get a contract. Now to your case, you can only sue the school for "gross" negligence or that type of thing. Your attorney when he files a lawsuit he has to get permission to sue a governmental entity. Typically in the "Court of Claims." There will be some hurdles to leap. Regardless, it's not impossible to sue. Just in case you were wondering, I doubt hardly any attorney will take this matter on contingency. The reason, if you win against the teacher -- the teacher may be broke. Besides, there is no guarantee that your lawyer will be successful in the suit against the school. So, be prepared to pay for the satisfaction of pressing your important matter as far as it will go. Good Luck.


Report it to the police, the principal, and the superintendent of schools.

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I agree with the other two attorneys--but I am curious as to what your son says happened. Since he is 10 years old, he should be able to articulate what exactly happened.

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