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My child has extensive medical expenses. I can not get him insured due to pre existing condition.

Virginia Beach, VA |

His father is ordered to pay all medical expenses over my annual cap of $250 dollars. He is nowhere to be found. I have thousands of dollars in medical bills in collections. What can I do?

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Some things you can do: Contact the local child support enforcement agency, because if there is an existing order for support, the state has tools at its disposal to find your child's father that you may not have. See whether your ability to get private or job-related insurance has improved through the Affordable Care Act ("Obamacare"), which limits insurers' power to shut out children based on preexisting conditions. Talk to your local legal aid program on how to get information on any publicly funded benefit programs that may exist to cover your child's medical care. Once you have locked in insurance to cover future costs, talk to a bankruptcy lawyer about discharging the old medical debt.

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