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My cat was attacted by my neighbours dog can i get them to pay vet bill??

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my cat had both its back paws punchered by the teeth of my neighbours dog on my property as the dog had no lead on the owner of the dog say mt cat attacked their dog which is rubbish the vet said she would of died if i never got treatment ive sent them a letter but it was sent back to me saying see you in court they were very abusive and racist the police was informed but nothing was done

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If you have a vet bill, you can sue in small claims court.

Good luck.

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Yes, you can.and you may have a claim for intentional infliction of emotional distress.
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possibly. contact a local attorney who handles civil litigation. but be mindful that you are probably going to need proof of these allegations


Small claims court.

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Your long run on sentence is a bit difficult to understand.It appears from your statement that your neighbors negligently confined their dog and allowed it to run loose, attacking your cat on your property. Do I have that correct? Assuming this is correct, you could sue the owners of the dog in Small Claims Court. Check to see if your local area has a leash law or other statute that may have been violated. Such a violation can be prima facie evidence of the neighbor's negligence and help you prove your case. Depending upon your State common law or statutes, you may have to prove that the neighbor knew that this dog had a tendency to be vicious or show that this dog has previously attacked other animals or people.Some states have abolished this common-law requirement of prior knowledge of dangerousness. You should attempt to ascertain the status of the law in your jurisdiction.

If you can determine whether your neighbor has homeowner's or renters insurance, you should submit your claim to the carrier before going to the expense and aggravation of suing these people.

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I am so sorry to hear about the injuries to your cat. You may indeed have a claim against the dog's owner. Important facts include if the dog was trespassing on your property and/or if the dog had a history of attacks. And, as noted, you will need to establish proof: did you witness the attack, for example? Best of luck to you and, again, I am so sorry for you and your cat.

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