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My case was moved to another city, and i haven't gotten a notice for court.

Norcross, GA |

-I was arrested for a possession of marijuana in march of 2012
-went to court in may 6 of 2012 where my lawyer got the court moved into the city of atlanta where the judges would have more leniency on this case, and expunge this from my record.
-the clerk at the court said i should receive a letter through the mail with my court date information.
-it is now august 12 exactly 3 months and 6 days since my case and still have not received a court date.
-i've also called into my lawyers firm but the secretary says she has no information on it.
- i can't go into the firm because i can't get any more days off
-i also am unaware of the court that my case is supposed to take place.
what can i do to find my own court information?

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Consult with the attorney you have hired and have faith in.

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Ask your attorney. In my experience, transfers to State Court can sometimes take two years from the date of the incident- especially in Fulton County. Just be sure the Court, AND your lawyer, have your proper, current address and can contact you about a court date when one is set.

Good luck.

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This is a question that your lawyer has to answer. You seem to have hired a lawyer, and if he/she is not taking your phone calls, try an email or a written letter to find out what's going on. One of the "jobs" you've hired the attorney to do is to keep you informed about your case, and to let you know when you have to appear in court. Don't try to find the court information on your own; contact your attorney.

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