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My case got dismissed when do i get my money back from the bond

Miami, FL |

in miami florida my case got dropped and i wanted to know if i get money back from the bond.

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I don't practice in your state, but generally, if you posted a bond, then the money you already paid was for an insurance premium and that is non-refundable. On the other hand, if your family or friends posted a cash bail for you, then that will be refunded automatically within a few weeks to a month, minus a certain percentage that most counties take from if for the benefit of holding your money for so long.

I hope that helps.


It depends on what type of bond you had.

If you paid a cash bond, then you should get the entire amount back from the clerk of the court. If you paid a bail bondsman 10% of the total amount of your bond, then that 10% is gone, the cost of being free while someone else shouldered the risk. Any surety you put up or other amounts should be returned to you.


Typically, it takes a matter of weeks to get the bond back AFTER the case has been resolved. However, this all depends on who exactly put up the bond. If it was a bondsman, then he will get that money back since he took the risk in providing the surety to allow you to be out on bail. Remember, his actual fee was the 10% that you originally paid him to put up th entire amount.
If it was a family member, friend, etc., then it should be a matter of time.
I have always told my clients to wait a couple of weeks - be patience but be diligent.



I never got my bond back.....could you please help?