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My car was parked on the street and heavily damaged in a hit and run accident. Faulty drive refused to insurance company,Help

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My car was parked on the side of the street as normal. Another car (Car A) backing to my car with high speed and pushed my car to the one behind. All of this happened in the morning after I leaving for work, I found out when I got home and call the police immediately. Thanks to God, there was a piece of bumper from Car A left on the scene and VIN number showed on that. Also I have camera at front door recorded everything. Police officer also saw the video.when I got the police report I send them to my insurance company also Car A's . Car A's insurance company estimated my car as total loss.But when they contact Car A's owner ,he refused to admit the accident caused by him. My question are:1.Will the insurance follow the car or driver? 2.What should I do if that insurance refuse to pay?

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If the insurance company won't pay, retain a local car accident lawyer to hold their feet to the fire.


If they do not want to pay an amount that you are satisfied with, then contact a local lawyer to represent you. If you have full coverage, then your insurance company may pay you and seek reimbursement from the offending insurance company.

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It is increasingly common for people to deny their actions. In this case, the driver's denial may be due to advice from his criminal attorney as such could cause him to be convicted of hit and run. Whether the owner or some one with his permission to drive the car hit you, just file suit. He and at least five "John Does" as defendants

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Hit and run accidents such as yours are lucky to find the offending driver. Good job. If the driver does not admit his actions in the face of being caught, your options are to personally go after him or to turn the matter over to your insurance, collect and then it is their responsibility to collect the money. The decision is yours.

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