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My car was in an accident. I was not driving but intoxacated. I did not get up the name of driver who left the scene. Whatnow

Oxford, ME |
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It's very hard to say. If the police think that you were driving and have information that you were intoxicated at the time of the crash they Might try to charge you with operating under the influence. Or if they simply can't tell who was driving there might be no charges at all. Or you might get charged for the crime related to permitting unauthorized use of the vehicle or some other offense that I can't predict based on the limited facts you've given. You can always contact police and ask about return the vehicle. If they're holding it for evidence they may be permitted to hold onto it for some period of time to do tests and analysis. You can visit my website, linked below, for more information on operating under the influence charges and criminal procedure generally.

<a href="">Maine criminal defense attorney</a>|<a href="//" rel="publisher" style="text-decoration:none;"> <img src="//" alt="Google+" style="border:0;width:16px;height:16px;"/></a>|<a href="">Harmless Error Blog</a><br> The answer above is not a complete legal opinion. I have very limited information about your case and I am not your attorney. If you want to discuss your situation in more detail, you can contact me directly.


Talk to the police regarding the impound details. You can file a claim with your insurance. Without more information, this sounds like a very difficult case to prove against an unknown person. Best of luck.

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Talk to a local dui/dwi/owi/drunk driving defense lawyer there, now.

Certainly do not go anywhere near the police for at least 24 hours and do not discuss how much you had to drink or your condition. You can honestly tell them that you do not know who was driving, but I would not do this without the assistance of a lawyer.

This can cost you more than the value of your car if you are not careful.

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