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My car was hit by a golf cart at a golf course, and the insurance are trying not to pay for my car's damage.

Cave Creek, AZ |

Someone stole a golf cart at a golf course, and was driving away when he hit my car which was parked at the golf course parking lot. (The thief ran away and they haven't found him yet.)
I talked to the golf course's insurance company, and after they did the estimate of my car damage (around $1400), they called me and said, they still can't tell me whether they are going to pay for the damage or not.

I think they should pay, b/c it was their golf cart, and happened at their lot. But they are saying the golf cart was stolen, so they don't have to pay.

Are they right or do I need a lawyer for this?

(I am not going through my AAA insurance.)

All I want is the full coverage for my car damage as well a rental car (same level car as my Mercedes Benz) during the repair time.

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Attorney answers 2


They have two arguments in their favor. 1) If you're dumb enough to park a Mercedes at a golf course you should expect that it might be hit by a ball or an errant cart; and 2) the cart was stolen. If you want to pay a lawyer for it good luck but the cases on golf course liability are all against you.


Teh theft defense is a powerful defense. Additionally, you are probably not going to be successful with a demand that you be provided a Mercedes rental.